Retro Gamer Info - Retro Computer Systems and Consoles

Written by Graham W Wöbcke

Welcome to RetroGamer.Info - a retro gaming site essentially dedicated to my experiences and opinions regarding retro gaming computer systems, consoles and some of my favourite games.

Here I will be posting articles about the various computers and consoles that I have used and still use, and I will also include a few that I have researched out of interest and wished I had the chance to experience other than via emulation. You may have previously read some of these articles I have written on various sites and blogs, and now they are all being moved to Medium so I can retire my domain.

I will essentially cover three main article categories: Retro Systems - Computers and Game Consoles, Six of the Best Games - which will feature my personal game recommendations for specific systems and consoles - and lastly, Featured Games which are games that have inspired me, ones that I have spent a lot of time and money (or both) playing or games that are just a total disaster.

Retro Gamer Info Article Summary